Microwave causes drop out




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    Seppi Evans

    I do t know anything about NAD equipment but if (might not be possible on the Orbi) you can split the bands on the Router so that 2.4 and 5 have their own names you can then connect just to the 5 GHz SSID.

    5Ghz does have a much shorter range so moving the Orbi Satellite closer to your NAD device might help it latch onto 5Ghz, or a new location for the microwave?

    Unfortunately microwave ovens are renown for killing Wi-Fi signals, Panasonic particularly bad in this respect and of course the brand I always end up with!

  • Brian

    The microwave in my kitchen used to regularly knock out the Pulse until I set up a Deco mesh unit and wired the Pulse to it. I'd tried a powerline connector but discovered it wasn't as reliable as the Deco has proven. I don't think the NAD supports 5 gHz, at least the BluOS modules on my M33 and C368 do not.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Brian

    The BluOS 2i MDC is dual-band... we started producing that card in 2019. That replaced the BluOS 2 MDC which was 2.4Ghz only. That may be in your NAD C368 but your NAD Masters Series M33 would have been shipped with the 2i version...

    Easy check - does it do AirPlay? If it does, it's dual-band. No AirPlay means 2.4 only...

  • Brian

    Thanks for the correction, my mistake Tony. Since my M33 is wired I hadn't bothered to check. The C368 is the older MDC card, no Airplay and no dual-band.


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