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    Hi Stefan

    We see this occasionally. It isn't necessarily your players loosing connection with the network. More often than not it is a problem with your phone losing connection, often because of a low grade router provided by your cable or telephone company. I will be escalating this and opening a ticket for you. When you receive the e-mail notification, can you please tell us the make and model of your router by replying to the notification? Thanks in advance...

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    I have exactly the same - extremely annoying! I have the app running on several devices i.e. my iPhone, my wife's iPhone, my laptop, iPad etc. Very often i.e. 4-5 times a week, any of the above devices are simply unable to detect my Node1. I have my Node1 connected on an ethernet cable with a fixed IP and my equipment is by no means "low grade".

    The only way I can fix the issue is to reinstall the app after which it finds the Node1 immediately. It's so frustrating that I am almost considering switching to another streaming system which has a proper and mature interface without bugs and oddities (especially the MacOS X app!)

    This is also no new issue since I have seen many other users with the same problem - what is the common solution for those users?

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  • Hi Bjorn

    The common solution to all consumers is a good network layout. We will help with that... I have escalated your issue and we will be in touch


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