Pulse Flex no longer connecting to WiFi




  • Seppi Evans

    Hi Nicolas, indeed a puzzling one and wonder if the Router had an update the night before the issues started but why only some of your players are having issues...

    Can you move and temporarily wire one Flex using Ethernet direct to your Router, the LED at the front should change to blue showing it has a connection and you will be able to finish the configuration and add the Wi-Fi credentials.

    If you have any VPNs configured on the Router or Phone then disable them.

    I do know that Bluos authorisation can be configured in a Professional setting but if you factory reset the Players then this would be a moot point.

  • Nicolas

    Hello Seppi,

    Thank you for the insight, I got a bit confused as to where to find the WIFI settings when plugged through ethernet, I'm looking in the right place now, thank you.

    Still confused about the warning messages but no longer by the connection, sorted!

    It helps when you actually type in the right password........ embarassing.

    Thanks again,




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