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    Hi Lim,

    We urge you to check out our article which explains how to play Bluesound supported music formats on your mobile device -

    You can also use Bluetooth(2nd alternative option) which is explained here -

    If you experience issues, please use the Send Support Request option under the "Help" option within the BluOS controller's Navigation Drawer(left side of the app), this will contact the BluOS Support Crew who can help you further if needed.

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    Jon P.

    Hi Lim

    Try opening the BluOS App Navigation Drawer and select My iPad. Once complete select the flac MQA file and it should stream to your Player.

    If the MQA file you have downloaded has been converted in any sort when moved to the iPad the MQA Servers will not be able to verify if it is certified MQA.

    If you stream over Bluetooth this will downgrade your Audio MQA file and it will not be in true MQA format.


    Thank You.


    Jon Polimis

    BluOS Support Crew


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    Lim Wei Kiat

    Hi Jon,

    Thank your for your comments. It appears that the BluOS app cannot detect my FLAC file.

    My FLAC file is transferred to VLC player, as ios does not play FLAC by default - is this the reason BluOS cannot detect it?

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    Rob Newton

    Hi Lim, I have the same issue did you get an answer ?


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