Repetitive dropouts when playing Vault1 > Pulse 2 over wireless




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    Brandon C.

    We recommend signal strength of -55dbm(For European WiFi users and specifications, we would adjust this with another -5 dBm) or higher to adequately streaming especially on FLAC files ripped to the Vault and that might be the problem with your playback. If it doesn't have sufficient network strength and bandwidth to transmit and receive signals between the players, the playback will be out of sync or players will be dropped from the group. You can check the signal strength under Help > Diagnostics.

    If you run into any issues please feel free to send a support request by selecting Send Support Request from inside the Help menu and we will be in touch.

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    Jonny Finlay

    Very helpful, thanks Brandon! You were right on the money. Unfortunately I am in an old sandstone building and the signal is just not strong enough -75dBm and the signal monitor even states 'weak'. I'll have to try a wifi boost into the other room.

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