Can I group my music into specific categories?



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    Hi Peter,

    Bluesound sorts and updates your Music Library based on the ID3 Metadata Tags incorporated into the encoded music based on Album, Artist, Track and various other tags.

    These tags cannot be altered in the Bluesound software, but rely on ID3 Metadata tags pre-populated by either the CD ripping and encoding process or by prewritten tags provided in purchased downloaded music from reputable online vendors.

    ID3 Metadata tags however can easily be edited using a wide variety of computer packages available. We have no direct recommendations for Metadata editors, but we have seen customers have success with freeware software.

    For Mac users, iTunes is far and away the most popular ID3 metadata tag editing tool. iTunes however is unable to edit FLAC file tags.
    Stephen Booth's "TAG!" allows you to edit ID3 tags in FLAC files available to Mac OS X users.

    For PC, "MP3Tag" has been seen as an extensive alternative for users who want more options over their metadata.

    For Users who wish to edit .WAV files, MediaMonkey has been recommended as other editors may not support .WAV Metadata editing.

    After any metadata changes, we recommend that you use the Rebuild Index command from your Configure Player OR Settings menu. This will remove the old index metadata on your Bluesound players and allow for your corrections to be read.

    We would point you towards this article for artwork problems and questions(this will list what rules need to be followed for artwork) -

    Using the metadata editors that other customers have used, you can edit all kinds of different information and fully customize your library to your hearts content.

    If you still have issues with this, please use the Send Support Request under the Help option in your BluOS controller to contact the BluOS Support Crew for assistance.

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