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    Seppi Evans

    I would try to reset the network again and at that point on your Router reserve IP addresses for your BluOS devices, controllers (phone / tablet etc.) and local music sources such as network shares or NAS devices.

    Tidal clearly don’t relay info onto their support staff, hires is supported from the Tidal app via “Connect” to BluOS devices. For Tidal MQA you have to use the BluOS App.

    To reset your network the following sequence is recommended:

    Power off your Bluesound devices. In your case also power off everything that connects back to the Router and I do mean everything. Reason is that devices left on will still hold an IP address and the Router will not know about these devices after a reboot and will happily issue the IP address that is in use to another device.

    Power off your Router and wait five minutes (very important) before turning it on again.

    Wait another five minutes for the Router to be fully up and running.

    Now power on your Bluesound devices and then just the controllers NAS etc.

    Reserve IP addresses on your Router.

  • S

    I used to have a slightly different but similar disconnection problem which has improved recently.  But your problem appears to in network discovery process.  The first thing I would try in your shoes would be to change the router and see if the problem persist.  In my case I have the main router with 3 access points (the third being a router not set as access point to prevent syncing the two BluOS devices I have - I want to see one device when connected to different APs).  So in such a case changing a router is not as simple as it sounds, but it is a reasonable starting place, especially if you can borrow one or have one lying around.  This will help you rule out the router as the source of the glitch.

    Alternatively check router firmware updates if they are up-to-date or consider a factory reset of the router. 

  • Adam

    Thanks for the techy advice.  It's over my head but I know people familiar with such things.  Wish me luck!


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