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    Hi Glen

    Where did you create your Playlist? You only need to reindex to access a Playlist if you made it in a third party product and need to import it. Any Playlists you make in Bluesound and save will appear under My Playlists

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    Glen Davis

    More detail: I’m using Windows Media Player to create the playlist. So, first, I have to make sure the playlist is being saved as a m3u file instead of the default wpl format. Second, the m3u file has to be edited in notepad to correct the absolute file paths that Media Player uses, making them relative so the Blue Sound player can find the files.  If the indexing operation finds a m3u file with no recognizable files in it, it skips it without a warning message.  (That one took a while to figure out.) 

    As far as the indexing is concerned, the player must search through over 12,000 files to find the one new I added.  That takes a long time.  What I’m requesting is a menu option where I can load one new m3u file and have the player recognize it.

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  • Hi Glen

    Why not simply make the Playlist in the Bluesound App?

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