Inconsistent layout of Bluos app (version 4)



  • Chris Tyas

    The v4 UI is horrendous: inconsistent and inefficient.

    My S24 Ultra has 7 vertical icons on the home screen. All useable with zero issues.

    In Bluos Android app 4.2.4 I get 3.5 UI elements vertically on the home screen (including the current playing bar at the bottom):

     7 on favourites, 6 on Music and 5/6 in players depending on player groups etc.

    Every tab has different icon size and/or spacing. It's the most inefficient use of screen real estate of any app I use. Looks clunky and old fashioned and toytown or as if it was designed for people with accessibility issues or children. I've no issue with designing for accessibility but should be an option in the UI or tied to accessibility options in OS.

  • KriHad


  • Em Jo

    What Chris Tyas says is bang-on: it's a waste of space with 3.5 usable elements.

    Spotify shows 9, because they simply don't waste space.

  • Frank

    Hope for a reaction from the support team and start actions to improve.


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