Bug in the controller update build 317



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    Hi Christian,

    We're sorry to hear about that!

    Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this issue at this current time is to use build 303, which is the solution.

    However... please do not worry, this has been brought to the BluOS developers who will be looking to correct this in future updates going forward, we appreciate you informing us of this and hope you will continue to do so.

    Again, we sincerely apologize.

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    Jetse de Vries

    I am even more upset than Christian. He runs Windows, I run OS X El Capitan. I updated both the Bluesound App on my retina iMac and the firmware on my NODE to build 317.

    Now the Bluesound App, while seeing the NODE, will not recognize my network shares (hint: they are still in EXACTLY THE SAME FOLDER).

    This is the second time this happened. With the previous update Bluesound also could not recognize where my network shares were (again, in the same same same folder). It took me hours upon hours upon hours to get it to work again.

    Now it's the same problem all over again.

    I swear that if I get this working again, I will NEVER EVER update again. Life's too short for all this bullshit. I agree with Christian: where is your quality control?

    And if I can't get this to work, then I'll probably get a very long toslink cable and a DAC from SCHIIT and be done with it. And then forget Bluesound ever existed.

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