Why no music library?



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Carl,

    Glad to hear that you were able to isolate and remove your corrupted file!

    We'll note your experience to onto the BluOS Lab, as our team is always looking to improve the indexing process of our BluOS Firmware with each update!



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    Carl Ejnar Nielsen

    Problem solved: one bad file brought my Powernote 2 down!

    In the hope that others can benefit from what I have learned, here is my story:

    1. I created a music file structure with some 7000 .mp3 files on my NAS unit.
    2. Then I asked my Powernote 2 to index the files.
    3. The Powernode 2 stopped after maybe one third of the files and rebooted itself. No music library was visible in the navigation drawer...
    4. Then I consulted the dealer - who had never heard of such a thing before - and the net, where I could find nothing either.
    5. I then deleted all files, and recreated the music directories stepwise with a few hundred files at a time - with an indexing run every time to verify that an updated  music library was created. That lead me to one small corrupted file, which could not be read from disk. Deleting that file allowed me to do a full index run with no problems!

    I do not know if my story is any special; but maybe it can help others in the same situation, and maybe even encourage the development team to strengthen the software!

    Kind regards

    Carl Ejnar Nielsen

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