Finding Tidal playlist on Android



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    Hi Micke,

    We would recommend you towards this article here -

    However when you select Tidal within the Android version of the Bluesound app if you select the Star at the top right, this is where your Playlists for Tidal are stored.

    Apologies for the confusion.

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    Micke Tham

    Me again...

    I find my personal playlists in the windows app (on my Windows 8.1 laptop). It is not showing on the (Android) phone though... The most "logical" Place to show up would be at the end of the row of "Most played albums", Newest lists" and so on, that is where it is found in the Windows app...

    So I'm starting to guess it isn't implemented in the app for Android phones..?

    Any chance of adding it..??

    Very kind regards

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    Micke Tham

    Hello Kyle,

    I did read that BUT the problem was (and still is) that there is NO "Star"..!

    There is only a column of three small dots, nothing starlike what so ever. I had tried that but I didn't go any further than pressing "My favourits" and coming to "Artists" and seeing "No artists found"...

    I should have swiped to the left to reveal "Albums" and so forth, until "My Playlists", but since it didn't even start out with the advertised "Star" I didn't...

    I appologies for not going far enough, BUT you should really write "Star OR three dots in a column"... in the article and in other documentation :-)

    I had a problem earlier (when the Node was brand new) and the instructions for resetting to factory defaults that I found was rather different from the instructions I got from your college in support.

    The support is really super quick, extremely friendly AND you get (at least) my problems solved, BUT it might be a good thing to adjust some of the texts in your documentation, it might save you from at least some of the "stupid" questions..!

    But I'll say it again - Your level of service and support is outstanding..!!



    THANKS again from Stockholm


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