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    Jesse J.

    Hello Vinod David,

    Our Bluesound Players do not support digital audio output via USB.

    Your DAC does look like it has COAX and Optical Input, which should work with the COAX and Optical Output that our NODE 2 has.

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    I want to do something similar, but want to know more about what happens. I want to connect my Node 2 to an NAD C 510 having a digital preamp and asynchronous DAC with its own clocking.  What is the C 510 able to do with the optical/coax signal from the Node 2?  I take it the asynchronous capability of the C 510 would be defeated, and is this true of the reclocking as well?  Will the C 510 be able to improve on the jitter received from the Node 2?  

    I guess I'm asking if there is any point to using the NAD C 510 with the Node 2?

    Thanks for your help!!!

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