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    Aaron W.

    Hi Sven,

    You'll be glad to know we've increased our track limit up to 100 000. Our track limit is caused by Bluesound leaving the entire Index in the Player Memory for quick reference. If the files contain large album artwork and lengthy artist, track or album names, the index may fill up much quicker and the unit could experience memory management issues. We are looking at options to increase this capacity without sacrificing response time when you use the Bluesound App. We also not only want to maintain but actually increase Index speeds.

    Thank you for your suggestion request "Genre" in the app. We've taken note of your request and we've added it to a report to the Bluesound Lab review.

    See this article for details about how our Genre Filter works:

    You can check the metadata of tracks of the album for the Genre tag with a metadata editing tool. In the metadata editor, you can rename the song, artists and even add the artwork. Please see link for information.

    Thank you for your kind comments toward our support and app!

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