Indexing issue - tracks missing



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Jurgen,

    The BluOS Support Crew will be looking to see with we can help you with this by starting a support request with you, so we can get some additional details.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Jurgen Nulens

    Hello Jesse,

    I already found the solution.

    I switched programs. To split music files with a cuesheet,  I use Medieval CUE splitter now instead of XLD for Mac. No problems anymore with the above mentioned characters.

    I was using the filenames as tags. Punctuation marks like /, ?, * and " apparently can cause problems if you are working on an Applecomputer. They appear in the tags 'title' and 'artist' in a format that doesn't allow them to be indexed. Once removed from the filename itself, ptoblem is solved. And with the cuesplitter program, it is not a problem anymore.

    Maybe you can document this for Apple users? It's a stupid little thing, but can cause many indexing problems.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your quick reply. Help & support is much appreciated.

    best regards





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