Play/pause button on flex bug



  • Official comment

    Hi Kristof,

    Thank you for letting us know!

    We've passed this to the Bluesound Lab to review for future updates!

  • Lucas Doran

    Three years and still no fix for this?  This is unfortunate.  The Pause button does not pause your stream, something a $29.99 Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon does.  This should not be the case for something that cost $300.

    Maybe this is only an Android thing. Does the pause button actually pause an IOS device?  Either way this is absolutely something that should be supported for the price of the device.  Please fix this.

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Lucas

    The Play/Pause button will Play/Pause what ever is currently in the Play Queue of a single FLEX or a FLEX in a FIXED GROUP such as a Stereo Pair.

    If your FLEX is grouped with over Players through traditional grouping, it will Mute the FLEX but continue to play in the other rooms. It will not PAUSE or take the Player out of the Group. This is ideal for answering the phone in the kitchen while stuff is still happening in the Living room.

  • Lucas Doran

    This issue is specific to using the Flex as a Bluetooth speaker.  When streaming from a Bluetooth device to the Flex the pause button on the Flex should pause the bluetooth source device. 

    For example I listen to Audible a lot. I usually listen with a set of Bluetooth Headphones, a cheap Bluetooth speaker, or my car depending on what I'm doing. All these devices have Pause buttons and when I press them it pauses Audible on my phone.

    The Flex on the other hand simply mutes and the source device keeps on playing.  I'm using an Android phone for what it's worth.


  • Hi Lucas

    Thanks for the feedback - QA has been able to replicate your issue on Bluetooth only and is investigating further so we can get this resolved in a near future release. We do have an update going out next week, it will not be in that one but we will get it out as quickly as possible once we locate the root cause.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Lucas Doran

    Fantastic!  It does seem like it should be an easy fix. 

    While minor, it would also be great if the Forward/Back buttons also work with Bluetooth. While this is nowhere near as important as the pause button, the back button serves an important function with Audible that if it worked would be really nice.  The function is the "30 seconds back" function of Audible. I'm guessing Audible itself simply recognizes "Back" from Bluetooth and it all works accordingly.

    Likewise, I'm sure if I was listening to a "CD" with Bluetooth (Tidal, Spotify, etc.) and I pressed the Back/Forward track buttons on the Bluetooth speaker, it would control the app to tell it forward/back. While I haven't personally tried this with the Flex I'm guessing it also doesn't work since Pause/Play doesn't work.  So any and all improved functionality around those buttons on the Flex for Bluetooth will be a big improvement.


  • Lucas Doran

    Hello Bluesound, this issue is still not resolved. This is very disappointing. Once again, extremely cheap bluetooth speakers support this function. There have been many many firmware updates since this thread was last active.  Please make this work. Thanks


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