Vault notice after rip complete/fail on email



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    Kyle F. - BluOS Support Specialist

    Hi Ron,

    When a rip fails, you should receive a rip failed message OR a "Rip is taking too long" within the Bluesound app.

    Thank you for your suggestions. We've taken note of your requests and we've sent them to the Bluesound Lab for consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

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    Hi Kyle,

    thank you for the reply. Please note:

    I know about this message. Yet I have the feeling these messages do not always show 100%. For sure the rip complete message I see rarely, but at some moments its present.

    The goal behind my idea is giving the user a more consistent experience and security of receiving these message, both on pass and fail of a rip.

    Possible even add some interesting data/statistics on the rip.

    I think this would be well received by the people using the Vault(2).

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