Need operating manual



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    Aaron W.

    Hi Scott,

    Bluesound is currently in the process of overhauling our Documentation.

    In the mean time please visit for information.

    When you add songs to the playlist, there are 3 modes(play next, play last, play now) We've written a Knowledge Base article about the 3 insert modes:


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    Scott Law

    Still no English Manual on how to actually operate the BlueSound system

    current issue; for some reason, the circle around the play or pause symbol on a specific song  ie               >   or  =            has a blue light circling counterclockwise then clockwise. Pushing the > or = has no effect. Music does not play. What does this mean ?

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    WOULD YOU PLEASE WRITE A OPPERATING MANUAL FOR THE BluOS/VAULT 2?  Scott asked for one January 2016, Aaron claimed Bluesound "is currently in the process of overhauling our Documentation". Vault 1 had an extensive manual that is now way out of date. Failure to create a manual does not inspire confidence in your fine product. 

    BTW This link returns an error message, at least from my iPad.

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