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    Jon P.

    Hi Sebastian

    In order to use Spotify with your Bluesound Player you will have to use the Spotify App and then add the Bluesound Player using the Spotify Connect 

    You can Pause and select the Next or Previous song using the Bluesound App. But in order to navigate and select new music you will need to use Spotify.

    You can only play one song at a time using Spotify.


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    Why is it that Spotify needs its own app? Tidal and Deezer neatly integrate with Bluesound. Is is technical impossible or is it on the to-do-list?

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    Peter Lysgaard

    I Have the same thoughts as Sebastian!

    Why is it that way???

    Can't you see the problem using Spotify Connect???


    - You can't preset a button directly to a playlist or track using Spotify Connect.

    - You are not able to see your Spotify playlists inside the Bluesound App.

    - Changing from Radio to Spotify is slow and akward. And volume controle is slow as well.


    I used to be a Spotify costumer, but due to the above I have now changed to Tidal and the above problems is now vanished since everything mentioned is possible inside the Bluesound App with Tidal.


    Thank you Tidal... Spotify Connect is an awful piece of technology you should start to avoid!

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    Ron Goedhart

    +1 I know that in the SONOS app it is possible to access Spotify playlists and you can search music within the app. I assume that this is an API issue. Can we expect this functionality in the BlueOS app? 

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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Ron

    It is an API thing. It has been removed some time ago for all updated versions of the Spotify API. If you are seeing it in other products, you are still using the older, no longer supported API.

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    Evert de Graaff
    The problem with Spotify Connect is to shuffle. 
    My plaulist in Spotify is over 2000 numbers.

    When I want to shuffle it in the BlueOs software (using Spotify Connect)
    it only loads the first 100 numbers. 
    So I constantly hear the same numbers.
    The 'Connect' is the problem I think 

    Evert - Netherlands.

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