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    Hi David,

    Little unsure about what your asking, however we'll answer both possibilities.

    First regarding your NAS, if your question is for how to play your music via your Node 2, see the following article which details this process - https://support.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/203904628-How-do-I-connect-music-on-my-NAS-PC-or-iTunes-Shared-Music-to-Bluesound-

    Second question/possibility - Is connecting the Node 2 to your computer via an optical cable the only way? - Depending if your question involves the first one we answered, then no... however if your questions is only detailing the connectivity of your Node 2 to your PC, then yes an Optical Cable is the only way.

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    David Weller

    Hi Thanks for the reply.
    Yes most of my listening is via streaming or connection via Ethernet to NAS drive which is all working fine ( except ITunes/sinology seem to duplicate everything !)
    You have resolved my connectivity issue my PC motherboard doesn't have an optical out so I have ordered a sound card to rectify many thanks David

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