Damaged TOSLINK Connector and NO SUPPORT at all.




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    Matt S.
    Brand Manager

    Hi Eduardo,

    Thanks for reaching out. I can see from your support history that you entered a Support Chat today, and then when asked to hold for a few moments, left the chat before one of our support crew members could help you out. We'd love to help in some way, even though we generally don't sell individual component parts. I'll reach out to you via your open support ticket and see what we can do.

    Thank you,

  • Invenio

    If it's not within the warranty period then not sure what you would want Bluesound to do?  It's no longer an active product, they don't sell replacement parts for internal components, and they don't do bench work.

    Things break.  You can try a DIY repair or see if an electronics repair shop can do something with it.  But honestly what do you want them to do with a hardware failure?

  • Eduardo Viladevall

    I want them to either sell me the part or tell me where to get one. Or at least REPLY  ??? Acknowledge my request maybe ? All my other equipment I can call the service department and they will at least talk to me and advise. Common courtesy.


  • Invenio

    They don't sell parts and don't provide support internal component repair.  They probably don't even source components in house themselves and certainly don't stock components as the nodes I'm sure are manufactured in Asia.  It's like if you old unsupported out of warranty iphone speaker broke.  You can call Apple but they are not going to direct you to some 3rd party supplier on a replacement.

    This is normal for consumer electronics.


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