Connect sub to only Flex speakers




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Option 1

    Create a Fixed group of the PULSE FLEXs and pair the SUB+ to them. Then once that is done Group them with the PULSE. The crossover should only be applied to the FLEXes.

    Option 2

    Pair the SUB+ with the group but do not enable the crossover. The SUB+ should still play but the FLEXES and PULSE will play full range.

  • Simon de Jong


  • Simon de Jong

    Hi Tony
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Both options are im-perfect… I like to be able to operate volume etc. from all speakers. So a (non-fixed) group is not an option. Not enabling cross-over drastically decreases bass volume from the sub - resulting in much less warm sound than with crossover.

    The option to make a fixed (stereo) group from the flexes + sub, and use that group as one speaker and combine it with the pulse as a fixed group would be perfect. But as mentioned before, it’s not possible (anymore…. A couple of years ago this was possible).


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