Play & Replace option for play queue



  • Official comment

    Hi Anto,

    Thank you for your suggestion request. We've taken note of your request and we've sent it to the Bluesound Lab for consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

  • Cbres


    Agree, I'd like this fourth option 'replace'! But I think it's better to just add it to the 3 existing options without prompting: this way we can choose before and not after the selection (result is the same and avoid permanent selection).


  • Dominik Wehrli

    That will be very useful! just add a next option to the others -play now / play next / add to queue / replace queue

  • Christiaan Knaap

    I would very much like that as well. Since I almost always listen whole albums I even suggest a setting 'replace playlist by default'. Together with an undo or a list of previous playlist, just like Firefox has a session manager that remembers the previous 2 sessions.


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