How to connect the Blue Ray Players - specifically Oppo


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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi SanjiV

    At home I have a BluRay and an AppleTV. I dumped my Cable Box ;-) Both go into the the standard LG 42" TV via HDMI. I then run an Optical Out into the POWERNODE 2 without issue.

    As part of our Philosophy here at Bluesound, we let your ears be the judge. When dealing with Music, we don't upsample, we don't downsample. We also, have been if anything, criticised for our DACs being flat because we do not equalise or tamper the sound in any way.

    The only thing we do in regards to TV is we will redistribute a 5.1 signal for 2.1 sound. We do this using the established standards as set down by the industry.

    Feel free to watch those car crashes and explosions in #LivingHiFi

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