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    Denise Faucher


    Thank you to Phil 3100, I have done this :

     "I followed BS support's suggestion to delete and reinstall the android app after clearing the cache and data from my phone"

    I can now see my new playlists on both app (Window and Android). Never the less all the playlists that disapeared last week never show again !

    Thank you to Seppi ; yes I am guilty to have forgotten this possibility before.


  • Phil 3100

    I was just about to ask the same question. I have only just started investigating BluOS playlists. I've saved three over the last couple of weeks using the Android app and wondered where they had gone. If I open the Windows app, I see a dedicated area for My Playlists on the Home screen, with my three saved playlists showing.

    Despite what the Android help article says, there is no such heading or playlists section on my Android app 4.2.3 Home screen, or any way to access the saved playlists anywhere else in the app that I can see.

    But, as with my other issue with TuneIn favourites, if I disable the BlueOS 4.x interface within the Android app, I have My Playlists in the 3.x main menu, and opening it shows all the playlists that I have saved.

    I was going to post a new question asking if anyone else is seeing this also, but your question was at the top of the list when I checked the forum this morning!

  • Denise Faucher

    Thank you for your comment.

    It feels (almost) good not to be alone.

    However, in the first place I have lost all my playlists (several years of creation !) subitly last week, either on my BluOs Controller on my PC under windows AND the Android app.

    I ask for help at the support crew : no answer still.

    Please excuse my english, I'm French.

    Best regards


  • Phil 3100

    Hello Denise, there is nothing wrong with your English. It is much better than my French!

    I also thought that I had lost the first playlist that I had spent some time creating, when I followed BS support's suggestion to delete and reinstall the android app after clearing the cache and data from my phone. I thought I had lost it, but now I realise that it is just that the BluOS 4 interface won't show it to me as it is still there along with my newer playlists when I revert to the old interface or use the windows app.

  • Seppi Evans

    Just a reminder that you can backup Playlists to a USB a memory stick and restore them.

  • Phil 3100

    I discovered that after thinking I'd lost the first one Seppi. Being as the Node is connected to a network though, it would be handy if they could also be backed up over the LAN, as I have to remove it from the media unit where my components are housed to access the USB port.

    But having found that I can access the saved playlists in the Windows app, though not in the new Android interface, I discovered tonight that I can't actually open any of them to view their contents or play individual tracks. Clicking on any of the playlist icons or names in the Windows player does absolutely nothing other than playing the whole playlist. So I have to go back to Android and revert to the old 3.x interface

  • Alain DW

    Precisely the reason why I keep my most important playlists as .m3u files in the root of my NAS, and a backup in a safe(r) place.



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