Headphones and Node 2 with bluetooth aptx



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    Hi Mario,

    We've seen that you posted this question to the Bluesound Support Crew as well!

    Our Support Crew will be looking to get back to you with anything else, directly in your support ticket with us.

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    Any more on this? What solutions/options are there for listening to audio from Bluesound device on wireless bluetooth headsets?

    With the name "Bluesound", "BluOS", aptX bluetooth support and that blue LED anyone could be forgiven for expecting bluetooth OUTPUT support is a given. Particularly given the massive number of quality "wireless" headsets, nowadays nearly all bluetooth (some RF setups can still be found but by far the minority).

    I'm surprised the hardware is limited to INPUT only - but if that's the case so be it. But the software should provide some form of support in combination with additional hardware (dongle ... or even via connected device?) and I really do think this question should be addressed in the QnA.

    For what it's worth - an option that would work without software support is to connect a bluetooth transciever. This may not be the most elegant solution but the only real solution I can think of without support from BluOS itself.

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