Pulse Mini sound quality



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Steve,

    We seen that you have also started a support ticket with the Bluesound Support Crew.

    Our Crew will be looking to help you further with this, in your support ticket.

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    Kevin Burns

    I just opened up a support ticket as well and I realized there has got to be something wrong with the sound quality of my Pulse Mini. I have the exact same muffled sound quality issue in the upper mid and treble ranges even with the treble turned all the way up. I just realized that nobody else could possibly have any the same issue or there would be many more tickets on this. Just figured I would post here to keep anyone aware if they have the same weird issue. 

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    Sam Sabir

    Hi there,

    I am having the same issue with my Pulse Mini where the sound comes out Muffled. it's so bad.. did you guys fix yours? if so, how??! I am really frustrated with this speaker

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  • Hi Sam

    Move the PULSE MINI 15-30 cm (6"-12") away from the wall to allow audio waves to circulate - you may be hearing bounce back from the wall.

    If problems persist, please don't hesitate to select Help, Send Support Request in the App.

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