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    Hi Anders,

    Can you try a Delete Index from the Configure Player menu?

    If you still encounter issues you can start a support request and we can assist you further(explain the error message as well) -

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi!

  • Mat

    Hi all.

    I would like to echo the sentiment in this post.

    Anders said:
    "[sonos...] When it comes over a file With problems, it just jumps to the Next song.
    My Bluesound just stops making the Library, and nothing will work.
    Why can't it work a Sonoes does? just skip over the problem files/songs?"

    Coupled with this issue is the fact that indexing (either first time or reindex) has to be totally complete before anything changes in the user experience.  i.e. the index is not updated progressivly as files are indexed, but rather it seems to update at the end of a complete index.

    This compounds the problem when indexing encounters and error and stops, because you don't get an index of what has already been indexed, you get nothing. when this happens on first build, you don't even have a library.  when it happens on reindex, you don't get anything new - either way you have to identify the offending files, remove them and start over.

    i have two flex speakers. Bluesound was my choice because of better sound and it is far better than sonos in that respect.  i also like how the flex has real buttons instead of a touch screen and real preset buttons that i can configure. i like almost everything about the bluesound speaker system.  i like how you can navigate by folder and like the auto fill option that means whole folders are played properly in order.
    (as a side note, i wish the bigger bluesound speakers also had preset buttons)

    But I am not going to buy any more speakers for my setup until these sorts of issues with indexing are resolved, especially considering that bluesound seem to be wholly dependent on it's own indexing process and does not allow access to other types of indexes like plex, nor are we able to simply navigate smb shares and play files directly from them.

  • Anders Kristiansen

    Mat M:

    I did get help from Bluesound directly to solve my problems. And haven't had problems later.

    They did try a lot of things, and what worked was that they gave me way to self diagnose what went wrong with the indexing. The gave me this link: "" Substitute the 94 with the numbers of your bluesound player. If it stops, the diagnose part of the software now shows which file that stops it.

    It took me a bunch of use of it, and I got rid of all the bad files I had, all where really old downloaded stuff I really didn't need. After this I haven't had any problems.


    I haven't tested them again for a couple of years, so it might have been fixed for my problems in the many many updates that have come since.


    But still would like to see them just skip over them.


    The only problem I now have with my players, is that after a update it jumps back in the playlist that is used, and don't play from where I was.

  • Mat

    Hi Anders.
    Seems as though the system still works as it did for you.  on encountering an error indexing the process just stops.  still seems as though the system is not designed to manage errors gracefully to continue on with indexing other files ...  i don't really understand why this has to be the case.  you say that sonos has not been like this ... i also know plex does not do this.  if plex is indexing content it just skips over things it cannot work with.
    i can imagine it would be a simple thing to just catch the error and continue on with building the index ... it is baffeling


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