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    Jesse J.

    Hello Matthieu,

    Can you explain how you end up finding no results for the Artist "Milky Chance"? What Bluesound app are you viewing these results from?

    According to TIDAL own iOS app, Milky Chance has no Albums available, but they do have some EP, Singles and some loose tracks.

    In our Bluesound iOS app, we saw one Album "Sadnecessary", and we saw the single for "Stolen Dance".

    Let us know what you notice, as we look to understand this issue.

  • Matthieu Thénot

    I am using thé latest version or the app on iPad.
    I can see the artist but nothing eh en clicking on the artist

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Matthieu,

    As a quick check, try logging out of, and then back into your TIDAL account on your Bluesound Player.

    Also, in your Bluesound iPad app, search for the artist "Milky Chance" and then do a long press on the name for the artist, in the search results.

    A menu will pop-up, allowing you to select the Top Tracks, along with the EPs and Singles.

  • R.Buch

    The same issue with Napster. Searching for "Paul Oakenfold" in Bluesound iOS and Desktop) give back one(!) result. With the same search in the native Napster-App you will find 12 albums and 21 EPs.
    Same with a llot of other artists.

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Ralf,

    Our Bluesound Lab has noticed some issues when pulling up albums in Napster, using our Desktop App, and our app is unable to any Singles or EP results from Napster.

    However, we were not able to reproduce your issues when using the Bluesound iOS App. After searching and selecting "Paul Oakenfold" we were able to see the 16 "Main Releases" for Paul Oakenfold in our app, along with various other songs and albums.

    Let us know if you are continuing to have issues with our Bluesound iOS app and Napster.


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