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    Jesse J.

    Hello Michael,

    Apple Music can be supported on your Bluesound Players, using a Bluetooth connection.

    See this support article for more details about using Bluetooth from your Mobile Device, with Bluesound:

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    Pete Morrish

    I think Michael's after native integration (which'll never happen until Apple allow third parties to license their tech).

    Halfway house would be native support of Airplay. That way, I could run Apple Music off an Apple TV, and beam it to the Bluesound, without having to use the single Line In (which is going to be taken up by the TV).

    Squirting via Bluetooth from an iPhone isn't the reason why we Bluesound owners gave you vast wodges of our money.

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    Kåre Harbo Poulsen

    It is indeed native support for Apple Music that we wish for!. This feature is now provided by Sonos, so should be possible for Bluesound too:

    It is worth noting that Sonos does not support Airplay either, so their solution is a true native player in the Sonos device.

    Adding Apple Music  would be a huge addition to the Bluesound ecosystem!

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