Existing Spotify plays on Ipad not node



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Paul,

    To use Spotify Connect, all you need is:

    • A Bluesound Player on BluOS 1.10.X or Greater
    • The Spotify App for iOS or Android (aka Spotify Music)
    • A Spotify Premium Account
    • Both your Bluesound player, and your Device w/Spotify App on the same network (routed by the same router).

    The link in our "Configure Music Services" page only sends you to the Spotify Website, were you can download the Spotify app for your iOS or Android Device from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

    See our knowledge base article for more details:

    If you are having trouble finding the Spotify Connect icon, please check with Spotify Support to find where it is located for your Spotify App.

    If you don't see the Node in the "Connect" menu, feel free to start a support request with the Bluesound Support Crew, using the following link:

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    Cheers simple if you are looking in the right place

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