WD Mybook 2 TV back up


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    Jesse J.

    Hello Gary,

    1. No, the Vault only does a back up when prompted.

    2. The backup process for the Vault turns your external drive into a Vault Backup Drive. As the Backup Drive is in the .EXT4 Linux format, you will be unable to connect to it from a commercial computer by a USB or network connection.

    The Hard Drive inside your Vault is setup as an open SMB share, so you can drag and drop files onto the Hard Drive from a computer on the same network.

    See this article for more details about seeing your Vault's folders from your computer: https://support.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/200387457-Accessing-the-Bluesound-Vault-s-Internal-Storage-From-a-Computer

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