Create an option for player to resume what it was last playing when it is switched on



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Randle,

    Can you elaborate on your request?

    Bluesound players do not have a method of turning them off/on, as we mention with this support article here:

  • Randle

    Because I'm using the node in a music system at the end of listening I turn off the system at the power point. What I was asking for was it to stay playing music on resuming power, but I can see how this would only work for those using the player in a non standard way.

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Randle,

    While non-standard, we have taken record of your request and we've added it to a report to the Bluesound Lab for consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

  • Steen Tingleff

    Hello Bluesound,

    Maybe you could consider changing the hardware mute button to a pause button. Or even giving the user the opportunity to select the function of the button in the app.

    Best regards,



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