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    Jesse J.

    Hello Al,

    Bluesound Players default to the highest quality available from our streaming service providers, that they make available.

    Tidal provides Flac @ 1411 kbps. Deezer's qualities will depend against your account type.

    With the other request that we saw, would you like us to pass on a request to have the file quality details represented in the Bluesound apps?

    Let us know.

  • Daniel Martini

    Not sure if his is still valid but how can song quality information be shown in app?

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Daniel,

    Our Bluesound Apps do not have a quality indicator for music that comes from Streaming Services.

    For all of our supported streaming services, we always look to provide the highest quality possible, given the options for your streaming service and your account's status with the streaming service

  • Daniel Martini

    Above post from you offers to pass this request on.  I noticed that original person posting message  didn't follow up on that offer so I thought to do so.

    You are not able to pass this on any longer?

    Also, I noticed a user with Ipad Blusound app can hold down on a title and have option for "Technical information" which shows bit & sample rate.  I don't see this in my Android app.  Are the application features different across platforms?


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