How to add high rez download to vault


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    Bryan Beasleigh

    The Blue sound vault was set-up with some sort of pattern for inputs. When ripping it's a pretty good guess that one pushes the round shiny thing into the slot and the folder containing the album is constructed according to the pre-set pattern.

    My frustration is with the lack of documentation as to how the information should be set-up when inputting music from a download service or with an album that the Blue Sound system couldn't complete automatically.

    In any catalogued collection deviation from a pattern may well wind up in chaos and if perchance it's foolproof , well that's really nice to know info.

    When I had issues with artwork , information and track lables not appearing I was told to search the internet and down load an editor. That's fine for an inexpensive item bought at the 400 market but not for top of the line audio gear from Lenbrook.

    This is a superb digital music vault but it would be much better with some operating guidelines. I will call tomorrow and discuss this further.

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