Wi-Fi signal too strong?



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    Jesse J.

    Hello Peter,

    Distance from the router should not be an issue at close range.

    Did your App, Pulse and Router work better with some distance between your Pulse and your Router?

    Let us know, as we look to understand this.

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    Peter Gray

    Hi Jesse J.
    I wondered if the proximity of the Pulse to the AirPort could be causing the problem, so I tried the Pulse plugged in through ethernet to the Airport & that worked fine.
    Now knowing that the Pulse was ok (it was brand new and had never made any sound at all) I reset it & tried the AirPort Wi-Fi again and the same thing occurred - the Pulse initialised correctly but after a short period of time vanished. ---- That night after doing yet another re-initialisation the AirPort Wi-Fi crashed at some time in the night I knew that because my computer MacBook Pro & iPhone both lost the Wi-Fi signal.
    Power cycling fixed the AirPort but I re-initialised the Pulse again but this time set it to use the other Wi-Fi I have which is from a BT hub.
    This was a success and the Pulse has worked flawlessly for the past two days or so.
    This morning after receiving your reply to my Post, I have re-initialised the Pulse again, it is now about 10 feet from the AirPort and it is working perfectly well.
    I have actually purchased 2 pulses, a Vault, PowerNode & Duo as a complete new system and so feel now I can go ahead setting up more of it.(after a very shaky start!)
    I would much prefer the system to run on the AirPort Wi-Fi to the BT as it is a stronger signal throughout the house.
    One more point which may be interesting is that the first Pulse I purchased, a month or so ago, failed after less than 24 hours.
    The symptoms were:- when powering up, as soon as the indicator turned blue, it sounded like it shot up to full volume and produced alarming levels of white noise. I spoke to the supplier - Sevenoaks Sound & Vision who have swapped it for a new unit, the thing is, I now wonder if it was being too close to the AirPort which was the cause of its failure. ?
    It would be very good to get a report back on what actually went wrong with it..


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    Jesse J.

    Hello Peter,

    Fairly unlikely that the Airport would be causing any direct hardware issues.

    We have seen cases in which the Airport routers might respond poorly with displaying our players on the Airport, unless you have rebooted the the Airport recently.

    We have also seen some issues with the Airport Routers when repeating the Subnets of other routers.

    If you just want to run the Airport router, you may want to disable the WiFi from your main router, and then set the Airport to have a different Subnet than the main router.

    Example: If the Main Router uses - 192..168.1.255, set the Airport to use - for the devices it addresses.

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