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    Jesse J.

    Hello Søren,

    Most likely, the IP address of your player has changed from the Wireless to Wired switch, and your Bluesound app is trying to connect to the Control Panel with the old IP address.

    As the quickest way to fix this, try unplugging the Power Cable from your player for 5 seconds, and then re-connect it. The app should pickup on your player's updated details again from the reboot.

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    Timo Koch

    Connecting Trouble,

    Although I have 4 Bluesound players in my home, I do not succeed to get one connected in my daughters student flat. I have tried all suggestions from your support site and the FAQ's.

    Everything is setup, the app finds the player and the network, tries to connect but fails after trying for 30 seconds. 

    Is there a possibility that this network does not allow the player to connect?

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Timo

    If the WiFi is provided by the college, it may require a passkey two way authentication. I would speak with the support team at the student flat.

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