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    Jesse J.

    Hello Hajé,

    Our Players do not have an option to select an play an album at Random.

    Our Bluesound Apps do have an option called "All Songs Random", that places all of your songs into a Playlist, and shuffles them.

    Can you elaborate on your feature request, and what you want it to do?

  • hvegmond

    I would like to have an option 'Play random album'. This selects an album, plays it and selects an other one, etc. The albums tracks should play in their normal order.
    Thanks for your reaction and i hope my explanation is clear to you. And that you can Build it of course! I like to spend my saturdays beiing suprised by my Own music librairy :-)

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Hajé,

    Thank you for clarifying

    We've taken record of your request and we've added it to a report to the Bluesound Lab for consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi..

  • Eric Lindeman

    Hello Bluesound team,

    Is there any progression on implementing playing random album's from a local source like a NAS yet?

    For me not supporting 'random album play' as subscribed by Hajé is the only left with is holding me from changing from my squeezbox and buying a Powernode 2.

    Thanks in advance


  • Lewis Barnett

    +1 for the "Play random albums from my library" feature for the apps. This is my favorite feature of the Squeezebox devices I have. I miss it a lot when using Spotify, for example. I'm sad to see this has been hanging around for five years with no movement. It can't be that hard to implement, and I say that as a software developer.

  • Herman van Vlijmen

    Another +1 from me. There have been multiple discussion threads requesting album shuffle for many years now, and I would like a clear answer why this is not followed up.
    Thanks, Herman

  • Jonas Josefsson

    Another +1. I've also requested this before. Several years ago... nothing happened so I had to keep the Squeezebox. If I knew this I would never had bought the Bluesound. 

  • David Kinch

    +1 for shuffle by album please. I have a big music collection, and use track shuffle quite often to discover tracks I haven't heard for ages. Album shuffle would let me do the same for albums. Thanks

  • Max Dekker


  • Agustin Fernandez

    it is very clear that the programmers of the software are just programmers, and not users of it., or management at NAD does not care or know the way audiophiles user their products   My old Sony CD changer from 15 years ago, had random play of albums,   Why has this request been posted for so long and nobody cares is beyond me.   Is there another brand we can move to?



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