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    Jesse J.

    Hello Pete,

    The Question "Should I buy a Vault, and only CDs in the Future?" is really up to you.

    With the Vault, we are providing people with a CD collection a great reproduction of their CDs, converting them digitally to a CD Quality FLAC files for the future of their music collection.

    Bluesound provides this answer to CD collectors, but also opens them to the world of CD Quality Streaming Services, like TIDAL, and to High Resolution files up to 24/192, that can be downloaded from our Partners at HighRezAudio and HDTracks.

    The sound difference you are noticing can also be in part from the Vault hardware, and you can even try moving or sharing your iTunes Library to your Vault, to see how that sounds from it's outputs.

    We can recommend heading out to a Bluesound dealer near you, with a few of your iTunes files, to see how they sound.

    Note: iTunes, when ripping your CD's, places the artwork in a database and not on your files. This database is meant for iTunes and OS X programs.

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    Jonathan Tafler

    I bought a Vault for similar purposes about three months ago and am delighted with my purchase. The ripper is not the quickest but it is so easy just loading a CD into the front whenever you are passing the machine that I loaded my CD collection much quicker than I thought I would. And now I have rediscovered all that music. The app is a dream, looks great, easy to use - and I can find stuff quickly and listen from the sofa without all the faff (it seems so now!) of getting up, peering at the spines, finding the CD, loading etc etc. And whilst I do listen to albums I also listen in different ways - pulling over a playlist is incredibly quick. I thought I was going to mostly stream, but as yet I have not bothered to sign up as I am plenty busy listening to my own stuff. I have not bothered loading MP3s onto the machine. I have downloaded some Hi Res stuff which sounds terrific - but then so do the CDs. One of the greatest features of the new set up is that CDs that I thought were poor recordings (via NAD CD player and stand alone Cambridge DAC) are a revelation. It is cheaper join the UK to buy a CD from Amazon and rip it than to download at CD quality, so this does seem to be a good way to go. As you can tell I hugely recommend.

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