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    A more detailed "will not happen" answer from Tony W. can be found here:


  • Hans van Sambeek

    It would be a great service if the node is dlna compatible. At this moment it is only possible to use the bluesound software. I never found software that is as fast as winamp. My music holds about 70000 numbers. Searching with winamp is much faster than the bluesound application. It would be great if the output from winamp could be re-directed to the bluesound Node.

  • Mat

    I agree.  I think this is very much connected to another feature request where someone was asking for plex access.  I have posted in that thread to the effect that a more broad access to upnp/dlna servers would be useful.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Mat

    BluOS is a closed eco-system and does not support DLNA. The reason being is the core feature of BluOS is multiroom capability of being able to play throughout your home perfectly synchornised. DLNA cannot play to multiple devices (say the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen during a dinner party) without songs becoming distraction by falling out of phase while the BluOS software will play on up to 64 Players all within 20ms  and sound perfectly synched.

  • Mat

    Hmm... that is interesting. this may be the case - especially when we are talking about higher quality devices and audio.

    I do wonder how the denon heos players manage to play same content in various rooms of the house given that they stream from dlna / upnp servers.  same with sonos - twonky works with sonos.

    From my initial reading on the forums for heos and sonos, i don't see comments relating to sync issues that end up being linked to access to dlna/upnp servers. Most complaints on sync issues end up being due to hardware faults or some other issue rather than being an inherent problem with the access to dlna/upnp servers.

    That is, no-one seems to be complaining about the inherent problems with playing and syncing music from dlna/upnp servers. (Of course I have only looked briefly so far).

    I do think that allowing access to dlna/upnp as an additional option along with the existing indexing smb content would be a useful enhancement especially for people with only a few players - reasons being those already mentioned in this forum.

    I also think 'direct' access to smb folders and files for playing (i.e. no indexing) would be a really good fallback position for people where the library limits are a problem or where the indexing takes too long.

  • Éloi Rivard

    Hello, Tony W,

    I do not understand why DLNA support would be incompatible with multi-room capabilities.

    Why not just implement the DLNA API so BlueSound devices could be controlled by any DLNA DMC (Digital Media Controller), and keep the BluOS playback stack behind?


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