How can I play ripped cd's on my vault without internet connection?



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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Hood

    You cannot. If the Vault is not located near a wired network connection, we recommend you pick up a wireless media bridge and use that to create a wired connection to your Vault. We've done it here many times and it works great.

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    Am I reading this correctly? There is no way to play music from the vault unless it is hooked up to my network? If my internet goes down, I now own an expensive doorstop, and am back to listening to the neighborhood cats mate as a source of entertainment? No alternative at all???

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  • Hi Joe4Liberty

    Not exactly. The CD Ripping/Encoding process requires an Internet connection to identify your CDs. You of course also need an Internet connection to listen to the 13 available Internet Music Services Bluesound has to offer. Controlling the Vault using a Tablet, Smartphone or PC can be done in a closed network environment.

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