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    Jesse J.

    Hello Marie,

    To use Spotify Connect, all you need is:

    • A Bluesound Player on BluOS 1.10.X or Greater
    • The Spotify App for iOS or Android (aka Spotify Music)
    • A Spotify Premium Account
    • Both your Bluesound player, and your Device w/Spotify App on the same network (routed by the same router).

    See our knowledge base article for more details:

    Also, make sure your Bluesound firmware is on the newest version:

  • Marie Solberg

    Not any help....

  • Marie Solberg

    All those Things mentioned in Your answer had allready been thought of and checked.
    When I try to configure network shares to get acess to local files on my Laptop it doesn't see any possible "shares" and when I try to give it the name of my Laptop manually it still doesn't find it. I guess that's a possibility that I'm not giving it the precise adress etc. Could that be the reason? And if so, how do I do this in detail...

    And for Spotify the bluesound app tells me to set up the Connection in the spotify app (and yes I do have the latest Version and a Premium account), but I don't recognize the icons or the Tools that I'm told to use to get it to communicate.
    I thought this Bluesound node would be an easy fix but this just makes me considering returning it to the hifi-store where I bought it. I would still highly appreciate another effort to explain me how I make it "communicate" With both local files, streaming Devices and other units.

  • Jesse J.

    Hello Marie,

    You should see our support articles about file sharing here, for more details about how to share the files on your Laptop to Bluesound.

    If your you are unable to find the Connect icon in the Spotify Music app, we recommend contacting Spotify for more support on using their app.

    If issue persist with either Spotify streaming or file sharing, you should start a support ticket with the Bluesound Support Crew by using the details here:


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