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    Jesse J.

    Hello TKF,

    Thank you for your suggestion towards a "Quick Play" option, to play an album without adding it to your Current Playlist.

    We've taken note of your request and we've added it to a report to the Bluesound Lab for review.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

  • Jnaneshwar

    Yes! I m very much interested in this feature. I like it a whole album play each time i come home and sit and relax and play the whole album. however it goes into playlist which i dont desire. Playlist should not be automatic.

  • TKF

    Any progress to get the playlist feature disabled totally? This is gating issue to purchase another Node.

  • TKF

    As you have not responded anything to my previous poll 5 months ago, am I suspecting correctly you are not going to do anything to this?


  • Onno

    ANY updates on this extremely relevant request? Just invested in multi-node Bluesound systems but facing a family revolt due to the automatic addition of any played song to the playlist. Mixing Saint Saens organ symphony with Oscar Peterson and Justin Bieber (depending on which family member last used Bluesound) simply causes lots pf frustration. Please introduce a toggle to switch off auto playlist generation. Thanks.

  • TKF

    Onno, I can share your pain.

    In the very beginning Bluesound was keen to support customers but it seems that nowadays they does not have much interest to do that. For me this tells something about the company. Yes, 2nd generation has been introduced but still, the basic things are missing.

    Latest control application update also introduced very very annoying bug when browsing/searching by composer was added. Randomly (in Android at least) when searching for example by album the search focus is suddenly changed to "search by composer" and nothing is found. Maybe the SW testing is "outsourced" to users.

    In addition that I still have the issues with random disconnections (Bluesound diagnostics says -54dBm for signal strength which is more than enough) and the control application user experience is like a prototype for engineers I am mandated to look at other possibilities.


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