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    Jesse J.

    Hello Chouanard,

    Bluesound player do not include an equalizer, but we thank you for your enhancement request.

    We've taken record of your request and we've sent it to a report to the Bluesound Lab for consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

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    Almost one year ago I bought a NAD388 with Bluos module. Fabulous! Beautiful open sound on my Dynaudio Contour 3.0 and the digital technique of the NAD amplifier amplifies the bass sounds stronger and more precise then ever before and there is my little problem:

    Especially in nowadays pop recordings the volume of the bass sounds are almost equal to the other sounds, maybe nice on the car radio, but really annoying on my new set. So I have been thinking that an equalizer might give the opportunity to solve this problem. In that case I could adjust the levels of the lower bass. I tried it out by filtering the flac file in an audio editing program (I believe it was Adobe Audition) and replace the old flac file by the filtered one on my NAS and that gave some relieve.

    So my problem is actually a request to built an equalizer in the Bluos streamer and then not just a bass and treble switch but a real equalizer which can adjust the sound in small frequency ranges. Since the technology is all digital that can’t be too hard.

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