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    Hi Dionysis

    Yes Bluesound players do not include a coax output. It does have a great sounding 24/192 on board DAC.

    DAC sound though has a lot to do with the room and location and personal preference and we recognise that so do provide a digital output option in TOSLink.

    In the past though, TOSLink has had a bad reputation from poor cables and bad integration. When done right however, it is superior because there simply is less data conversion happening. Our TOSLink is designed to perform up to 24/192 with less jitter provided you are using a properly rated digital cable. That being said, there is no need to spend that type of money on a cable. Simply ensure your cable is rated correctly for the right through put.

    We are confident in our implementation and you will be impressed. Listen and hear for your self at an Authorized Bluesound Dealer.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

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    dionisis dervos

    As I said in another post, if I have to spend another 500 $ on a good quality toslink cable to fully leverage toslink without losses, then this is not an interesting deal for me.

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