[bug report]: Playing tracks returned by search results plays wrong tracks




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    Bjørn Ulvik

    Turn off "autofill" and the issue (magically) disappear

  • Bob Heuvel

    Same here. Already sent a bug fix request 2 months ago on same issue. Hasn’t been responded to, nor fixed yet. As a software engineer I am amazed at the ridiculous amounts of bugs in both controllers and players. But even more so in the way BlueSound seems to ignore them or solving them, in my case taking about two years to finally fix a bug I discovered and reported waaaay back then (volume not properly working in iOS controller on C658 NAD). The speed with which is developed and debugged is immensely slow. It comes across as totally amateuristic and disrespectful to the customers. Hope this ine gets solved soon. I used to use this function a lot.

  • Mark

    @bluos 4.x is a disaster (for several reasons)! How could you release something premature like that!? Heard about QA eventually...!? Seriously, you intend us to appreciate a new Home screen, but things just don't work!? Worst release ever, very disappointed. Not the way to go.

  • Alain DW

    I was not aware of this bug, because I mainly use an older version of the controller, but can reproduce it. Of course this is unacceptable and should be corrected asap.

    This does not happen in previous versions of the controller which, luckily, I still have and can use while waiting for a fix.

  • Bit Disturbed

    Thanks Bjørn - disabling autofill gets rid of the issue indeed.


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