External API to be able to use Bluesound in home automation setups/scenarios




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Psliepen

    We do not have a public API or SDK at this time. Thanks for your patience.

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    Aaron Koolen-Bourke

    I was searching for API information and came across this post; with zero replies. I then went and looked over other posts. Very few are actually replied to. Does BlueSound actually respond to customers? If not, then they need to hire someone - pronto. This is the sort of thing that holds a product back.

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    I have the same problems.

    Only very few API Conrols found online.

    Integrate a doorbell or 2-3 other noises would be great to integrate in a Smart-Home House, but no support.

    I have the intenational known KNX Standart, but no support (p.ex.SONOS does! not themself but over third parties).

    But Bluesound doesn't give the full API Controls, only play or pause ...Sur there are some that could be nicely integrated in my system.

    Without these controls also no third party brand can develop a compatible product to integrate to a system, that Bluesound doesn't want to support.

    I own two Bluesound products, wanted to buy a thir the new NAD T777 VS , but without any help from the Bluesound crew I'm not sure yet to buy again.

    Sorry Bluesound


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    Julien Belliri Genty


    I'm relaunching this discussion, I understand that you don't want to publish an API (which is a mistake, even Sonos has changed its mind at this level...), can you at least offer modules (KNX, EnOcean, http request,...) that allow you to interact with BluOS?

    I have my house built and it will be full KNX. I thought I would equip myself with NAD CI720 module, perfect in my opinion, modular, compact, serious amplification, unfortunately I am disappointed as I compare the integration possibilities of BluOS with Sonos and Denon Heos...

    Please, open more :)

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