Browsing in folder structure



  • Official comment
    Aaron W.

    Hi all,

    Good news, folder browsing is now available in the new BluOS firmware v1.12.0. Do upgrade the player's firmware( and the Bluesound app from the app store.

  • Aaron W.

    Hi Harm,

    We've responded to you in your support ticket.

    Thank you for contacting Bluesound and have a good weekend!

  • Nathan DC

    I deleted my question, because all of them will be added in the future. Nice work! A+++

  • Gerben

    I have the same problem.
    My music collection is to big to seach by album of artist ect.
    Is there a way to search by folder?

  • Gerben

    I have 6 colleague who also have Bluesound and they want also search by folder.
    Maby is is better to give the answer in public, so i can share it.
    (I work in an audio shop)


  • Musicmaster

    But still no function to play all the numbers of a cd in a map at once. I still have to add all the numbers one by one. After three months still no update to fix this problem !!!


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