Search problem in the Android app


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  • Surmanp

    This has been a problem for some time; others have posted about it previously.

    How about a workaround? I think if someone from Bluesound reads this, will point at a solution or at a minimum, the cause of the problem?

    Replace " & " with "+%26+", as in "Hootie+%26+The Blowfish", less the double quotes.

    Why does this work? Because in the published BluOS API, an ampersand in the web request made to a player is used to delimit components in the URL, as in this example from their documentation: The ampersand delimits the slave IP from the port.

    I found this workaround by running Wireshark and identifying what http request is sent to a player when playing a song or artist or album with an ampersand in the name.

    The workaround is too cumbersome, but it should easily identify to Bluesound why this problem occurs, which will hopefully lead to a solution.





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