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  • Alain DW

    Check your folders for stray image or cover jpegs. They take precedence over embedded art.

  • Beat

    Hi Alain

    thank you for your hint ... already checked, no spare covers in directory.

    It's seems to be an issue with android App.

    BlueOS finds the embedded covers, shows them properly in Windows APP but on Android app, shows randomly only 1 and the same cover for actual artist)

    As I mentioned, the problem appears only in Android devices (BlueOS 4.2.2, App cache cleared, Reload images done)

    I'can't find out, which cover of all the embedded (Beatles or Nirvana Covers are chosen)

    Strange, isn't it?
    Kindly Beat

  • Bjørn Ulvik

    All your files have the same album name?

  • Beat

    Yes, they do.

    It's a collection of 500 Songs, tagged with foobar2000

    - Artist: individual per track

    - Track : individual (format "Title (Year)"

    - Date: individual (YYYY)

    - Album: Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time (2009)

    - Album Artist: Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time
      (without Year)

  • Bjørn Ulvik

    Basically to be considered as an album (in BluOS), the tagging needs to be:
    Same artist (or album artist if more than one artist)
    Same album name
    Same year

    ...if not, they are just a "bucket full of individual songs".

  • Beat

    Thank you, Bjørn

    all oK except the year, which is individual per track

    confusingly BlueOS recognises the metadata (incl.embedded covers) correctly
    BlueOS Android App seems to be erratic


  • Bjørn Ulvik

    What I believe:

    BluOS Controller extracts the individual files, and save them on your computer.
    BluOS player(s) extracts one file, and save them in the database. Could be the first file, alphabetically, by year...

    Android will use the artwork saved in the database. Windows/mac will extract and use the file in the cache.
    Your phone/tablet would "struggle" if it should extract and save all the artwork.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    What was explained to me by the guy who has written the original indexing code for the past 13 years in on going conversations with him over the 12 I have known him;

    1 BluOS Player extracts each individual file and builds a database - once built, shares that database with any other BluOS Player on your network. 3 different Apps are made (iOS, Android and a single PC version that compiled for Windows and macOS) by 3 separate teams using the same API and same spec requirements though they do huddle if they get confused. The Apps read that database and store cached copies of the Album Artwork since the Artwork makes up 80% of the db and we want to keep packets to a minimum.

    Albums are built based on;

    • Album Artist matches or is blank
    • Album Title matches
    • Album year matches or is blank
    • Files are stored in the same folder

    If all 4 of those factors are aligned - we have One Album. Artwork is then assigned by this manner (reading the KB is faster than me explaining); https://support.bluos.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000368827 AND if embedded, the embedded file is the same file (size, px count and format) across every file in what is the decided upon album.

    In the case of top 500 songs by Rolling Stones, I am impressed it recognises the Album as one - but the artwork is not getting matched because form the looks of it the embedded artwork is not matchy matchy but differs...

  • Beat

    Thanks, Tony, for this real profound answer.

    I'll check the mentioned album specs. for my case (where album year is not a single year but the correspondant tracks's year)

    By the way,

    (It's not a "real" album of 500 Rolling Stones songs. The directory contains the FLAC Files  of the "500 greatest songs of all times" (Rolling Stone Magazine 2004) with embedded cover art for each individual song (by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash,  Sam Cooke, The Clash...



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